• Approved By: Indian Nursing Council, New Delhi

Affiliated to : U.P. State Medical Faculty, Lucknow

Rules and Regulation For Students


1. Fees will not be refunded if one leaves the institution after the admission or during the course, due to any reason what so ever it may be.

2. Rights of admission are reserved with administration what so ever it may be.

3. Formation of unions/associations of students is not allowed

4. Wearing of prescribed uniform during college period is compulsory. Fine will be charge as per rules time to time

5. Students admitted to the course must join their  classes on the prescribed  date  intimated by post or notice.

6. All leave application must be presented in written form to the Principal of the Institute. Leave application must be signed by the guardian.

7. Class examination will be held towards the end of each term. Attendance for that examination is compulsory. Marks obtained in these examinations and in day to day work will be taken into account towards the annual examination.

8. Students are supposed to follow the rules of the institute failing which his/her name is liable to be removed from the roll of the institute.

9. Students are expected  to take proper care of the movable/immovable properties of the institute. If any damage is caused , proper action would be taken against in the erring students.

10. Use of Alcohol. Narcotics and Intoxicants are not allowed.

11. Without information Absenteeism will be charged fine as per rule time to time. In case fine not paid it will be deducted from the caution money.

12. 80% attendance in Theory/100% attendance in practical classes is must for state examinations held yearly.

13. Any student who does not appear in internal examination will not be permitted to appear in final Examinations as per rules.

14. Caution money will only be refunded to those students who will complete their course satisfactorily as per rules . Any dues pending will be deducted from the caution money.

15. No students will be allowed to do any kind of practice on any outside job or pursue any other course of study along with this course. If found guilty she/he may be expelled from the College.

16. Mobiles are not allowed during college ties.

17. Hosteller should follow the hostel rules.


18. Fine must be include according the Rules.


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